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1974 was long ago in photo years but if passion for photography grows slowly, a starting line in 1974 is less far back than it seems.

Don't expect to be called a prodigy if you find your way slowly, stumbling over obstacles and learning ways to learn as photographic technology surges forward at the speed of light and the world offers expanding opportunities for heart stopping, tear jerking and purely joyous images.

Fast forward to now when a website offers a place for creating, assembling, looking backward and peering forward through the years, seeking the images that might mean much to those who know the subjects personally and to those who never will.

When the world has so much strife and so many needs, perhaps the least significant shortage on the planet is for another great photograph. Even so, if you understand the relentless search for your most powerful image ever and the best audience imaginable, then you know why this site exists. Cheers.

  • Charles Porter
  • July 2011
  • Acknowledgements
  • March 14, 2012
  • With formal training in cardiovascular medicine, my knowledge of photography exists because of support from my friends and family and a series of talented photographers and artists. My wife Sue and children Monica and Troy deserve thanks for their willingness to learn first hand how fast hours, days, months and years can pass while waiting "just a minute" for me while I finish with a photographic effort. Dan White (www.danwhite.com) has been an extraordinarily skilled and patient instructor for me since 2008. The knowledge of image management, fine art prinitng and the challlenge of creating a powerful print wiith a great combination of composition, light and moment that he has provided me is immeasurably valuable. Kimberly Walsh, ownner of Artisan Graphic Designs in Kansas City provided tremendous encouragement and guidance from 2001 in organizing my first exhibitions, printed photographic series and web site. Brud Jones and Shari Hartbauer (www.digitallabrador.com) and Kevin Sink (www.kevinsink.com) got me to and through a 2007 photography expedition in Bhutan that marked my first major immersion in digital imaging. I'll get back to this page someday but for now, the second day I've had this site live, I'm calling it quits on the thanks and getting back to photography.